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Lots and lots of thoughts about how to refine the path forward as Colorado barrels toward it hopes emissions-free living


Colorado’s Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Roadmap is being updated. It was originally released in January 2021.

The Colorado Energy Office this summer solicited comments on what needs to change in the plan.

You can see here several dozen ideas submitted for potential near-term actions. But the state agency emphasizes that these are for discussion purposes only. They include:

  • Require heat-pumped replacement for air-conditioning systems that fail;
  • Explore ways to incentivize best practices to streamline electric vehicle charger deployment in local zoning and permitting;
  • Provide permanent funding for soil health programs that result in sequestered carbon;
  • Give emissions reduction credits for operators who plug wells. This would provide an incentive for more rapid plugging of the older wells.

Later this year, the energy office will release additional information on potential near-term actions based on state agency staff ideas and ideas submitted via this public comment function.

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