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Tri-State’s big win at PUC

Tri-State’s big win at PUC

Wholesale electrical provider Tri-State won an important ruling in its dispute with dissident member coops, but two overlapping elements remain to be resolved.

Electrical empires in Colorado

Electrical empires in Colorado

Xcel Energy and Tri-State G&T both are resisting losing chunks of their electrical empires in Colorado. Their nimbleness is at issue—and money, too.

Tri-State’s big win at PUC

A shallow win for Tri-State

Tri-State Generation and Transmission gains a shallow victory in FERC order about jurisdiction, but the real story will be about legality of new members. At stake are exit fees of hundreds of million dollars—and perhaps the viability of Tri-State itself.

Curtain descends on Tri-State plants

“Watch our feet,” Tri-State CEO Duane Highley said last October. Today, he announced the closing of two coal units in Colorado and one in New Mexico, which will allow the wholesale supplier to comply with Colorado greenhouse reduction goals. But can Highley keep his biggest members from leaving? That’s the biggest of several questions going forward.

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