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Colorado wholesale provider has a new division for transition & integration


Platte River Power Authority has created a new division for transition and integration and named its first director, Raj Singam Setti.

Jason Frisbee, the chief executive of Platte River said the division was created to focus on executing the utility’s Resource Diversification Policy that was adopted in December 2018.

That policy identified a goal of reaching a 100% non-carbon resource mix by 2030. Directors of the utility representing its member cities — Fort Collins, Loveland, Estes Park and Loveland — recognized a number of pre-conditions would be necessary. They include:

  •  An organized regional market must exist with Platte River as an active participant;
  •  Battery storage performance must mature and the costs must decline;
  •  Utilization of storage solutions to include thermal, heat, water and end user available storage;
  •  Transmission and distribution infrastructure investment must be increased;
  •  Transmission and distribution delivery systems must be more fully integrated;
  •  Improved distributed generation resource performance;
  •  Technology and capabilities of grid management systems must advance and improve;
  •  Advanced capabilities and use of active end-user management systems;
  •  Generation, transmission and distribution rate structures must facilitate systems integration.

Paul Zummo of the American Public Power Association says positions such as that of Platte River are becoming more common as member utilities set environmental and clean energy goals and gear up for electric vehicles and other components of beneficial electrification.

The association had 2,000 members, about 60 of which are generators like Platte River, wholesalers.

One of its members, the Seattle municipal utility, is working with the city to electrify bus fleets. Others are working in the hydrogen realm, said Zummo, director of policy, research, and analysis.

Singam Setti most recently served as a principal advisor for a clean-energy investment bank and as director of grid integration and portfolio integration for Wabash Valley Power Alliance, a generation and transmissions electric cooperative in Indianapolis.

Also during his 20 year-career, Singam Setti has worked with investor-owned and public power utilities across 10 organized energy markets, both in the United States and elsewhere. This was on behalf of GE Grid Solutions and clean energy developers.

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