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Climate change has begun to wreak havoc on our world as we’ve known it.

We must make changes. Big Pivots® is an e-journal that chronicles the necessary transitions in energy, water, and other realms in Colorado and beyond in the Great Plains and Intermountain West.

Why Big Pivots?

The mission of Big Pivots®, a Colorado-based non-profit, is to document, understand, and educate about the changes made necessary by climate change. Those changes include the generation and consumption of energy, water use and availability, and other areas of urgent attention in the 21st century and beyond.


Content of Big Pivots® is published as an e-magazine (delivered by email to subscribers in a PDF). Most of the same content is posted on this website. Some articles are also shared with newspapers and other media for republishing.

Subscriptions to Big Pivots® are free, and you can get copies by subscribing below.

Non-profit and financials

The IRS has approved the application of Big Pivots as a tax-exempt 501(c)3. That makes financial support given to Big Pivots® tax-deductible. Since it was founded in January 2020, Big Pivots has been awarded grants by the following organizations:

Aspen Skiing Co. Environment Foundation, $5,000
Catena Foundation, $29,000
Bassett-Stern Charitable Fund, $600

Donations from readers have also been received in amounts ranging from $2 to $200. They can be made via the PayPal button on this website. To avoid the PayPal charge of 5%, checks can be sent directly to: Big Pivots, 5705 Yukon St., Arvada CO.

Big Pivots is also available for advertising. Please contact us here.

Board of directors

The board of directors overseeing Big Pivots® consists of Allen Best, president, M. Catherine Casper; secretary/treasurer; and Rodney Proffitt.


Contributions of editorial content to Big Pivots are welcome but not guaranteed, but pitching the content in advance will likely provide a more satisfying experience for all.  Contact us here.

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