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A high-speed electric vehicle charger, capable of topping out most EVS to full within 20 minutes, will be available in Durango’s transit center by early summer.

The city government chipped in $11,000 toward the $306,600 cost. The majority of the cost was covered by the Colorado Energy Office—which is using proceeds from the Volkswagen settlements several years ago—along with help from La Plata Electric Association and ChargePoint, the company that won the contract in Colorado to develop a high-speed charging infrastructure.

The fast-charger will be next to two Level 2 chargers, which take 4 hours to give an EV a full charge.

As of Jan. 1, Colorado had nearly 33,000 EVs registered. It aims for 940,000 by 2030.

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North of Durango 107 miles, a fast-charging station has already been erected as part of the state program. Delta-Montrose Electric, one of the partners, had become involved believing that it would initially be useful for the tourism economy. The amount of use, even in mid-winter, has surprised Delta-Montrose.

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