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Climate lawsuit against Suncor and Exxon stays in a Colorado court


Boulder, the city, and Boulder and San Miguel counties scored another small victory in their climate lawsuit.

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the case that Suncor and ExxonMobil wanted to make as to why federal, and not Colorado courts, were the proper forum. As such, the case will proceed in Denver District Court. The jurisdictions see this as a victory as it corresponds with their view that local courts will be more likely to favor their argument about local impacts.

The lawsuit was filed by the three Colorado jurisdictions in 2018 with aid from EarthRights International and others. The three local governments claim that the oil companies should be forced pay for the costs absorbed by the local governments.

San Miguel County Commissioner Hilary Cooper issued the following statement:

“This is excellent news for San Miguel County. It’s only fair that our lawsuit against Suncor and Exxon be heard not before the U.S. Supreme Court but in Colorado, closer to the communities where the impacts of climate change are most acutely felt. Enough with the delays. It’s time for fossil fuel companies to help local governments with the costs of addressing climate change in the name of protecting the health and well-being of our residents.”

No trial date has been scheduled.

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